Born in Waterdeep, on the Sword Coast, in the Year of the Shadowtop, 15 Kythorn, 1314 DR. Jesrik Erdrensal and his twin sister, Fel’icia, were the only children of the Moon Elves Erdrensal, co-owners of the Leaping Leopard Inn in Waterdeep. Jesrik fell out with his distraught father, Solifain – after Felles, his mother, unexpectedly deserted her family and returned to her family in the Moonwood forest. Solifain turned in on himself and his children felt the brunt of his frustration with Felles. All that was left for Jesrik was his sister, whom he loved dearly.

Being a driven individual who meant to obtain power and glory as a renowned adventurer, Fel’icia drew her brother into the world with tales of heroes fighting dragons and wizards dominating demonic guards of sentient artifacts. Jesrik was enthralled and left home when he was only 22, wandering the Sword Coast and Western Realms for several decades. First, following his sister for a few years, he learned to meld with the public and quickly developed self-sufficiency.

After several years of tagging along with his sister’s traveling companions, Jesrik decided that their wandering was not for him and that it was time for him to pursue his own endeavors. Not yet having found a true direction for his life but knowing that he was not very happy he decided to go out and explore the world and see where it might bring him. Jesrik travels continued for several years. He picked up various skills, honing his innate magical talents and sword proficiency along the way, and yet failed to find meaning in his life. He dearly missed his sister and was still bitter, harboring grudges against his parents for their selfishness. This resentment translated into a lack of commitment and a distinctive retreat from deep relationships. Content with superficial associations, Jesrik traversed Faerun, working only to better his fighting skills and learn what he might use to his advantage. Not an evil elf, but still an unpredictable one, his translation of goodness sometimes contradicted that of those with whom he traveled, when he traveled with anyone. This was usually guarding caravans, acting as a courier or bodyguard, and often, he sought employment as a bounty hunter.

It was around the age of 47 when Jesrik finally found a direction to follow in the teachings of a recently ascended god, Kelemvor. While Jesrik and Fel’icia were deeply devoted to each other as siblings, their ideals were decidedly different – hers were profoundly centered around doing good with the welfare of others in mind, while Jesrik’s were more pragmatic. His new found faith in Kelemvor, Lord of the Dead, he found he had an appreciation for the directness and honesty in this diety’s doctrine. Fel’icia disapproved, as the direct actions taken by Kelemvor’s followers did not always take consequence into account. They once again parted ways, agreeing to disagree, but recognizing that they were not of the same alignment and would not seek the same purpose.

Travelling to Silverymoon, he met Feored Windhammer – a fellow follower of Kelemvor, who began teaching him the ways of the Duskblade. His talents were apparent, yet raw, but Feored saw great potential. Jesrik was shortly thereafter called upon to assist with the defense of Mithril Hall from the Drow of Menzoberranzan, as were many warriors residing in Silverymoon. Fighting valiantly and returning to Silverymoon unscathed, with Feored’s help, Jesrik began to find purpose in championing the preservation of beauty and goodness in a world filled with violence and evil. Jesrik felt that he might actually have found peace. However, learning of the death of his sister, Fel’icia, who was devoured by ten thousand rats while adventuring in the sewers of Calimshan, he began to revert to his previous mindset only to take a darker turn, entertaining desperate notions of revenge against the gods.

When his dear friend and mentor, Feored, passed away, he left Silverymoon, as there was nothing left for him in a city of beauty, knowledge, and peace. Through further adventuring, Jesrik realized revenge was not in him – who would he wage revenge on anyway? Despite his resentment, he resolved to find a noble occupation that would allow him to continue honoring Kelemvor, eventually Traveling to Eveningstar in Cormyr. There Jesrik joined the Harpers – choosing instead to battle tyranny and protect natural balance.


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